School Volunteers

While Rutledge Primary School welcomes the assistance of volunteers in supporting a high quality educational experience for students in our school, our first duty is the safety of our students and the protection of the learning environment. Volunteers will be allowed to augment and assist the school staff during the instructional day only after the potential volunteer has met all requirements of the local board of education and current state law. These requirements include that the person must have passed a thorough background check. Volunteers will be required to participate in an orientation program and regular in-service training sessions as deemed necessary and appropriate by the principal. (These requirements do not apply to parents and/or guardians who wish to participate during nonacademic times such as while students are at breakfast or lunch, while on field trips, during class parties, or during community/fun/reward days.) Volunteers will serve without compensation and will be under the supervision of a full-time staff member who will determine when and if the services of the volunteer will enhance the learning environment. School personnel may decline the services of any volunteer at any time. While assisting at Rutledge Primary School, volunteers will still be required to check in at the main office, and staff members will always have the authority to request that any individual leave the school grounds whose conduct disrupts the safe and orderly operations of the school.