Kindergarten Students Complete Zearn K Curriculum

K Students

Jaxxon Mayes, Emma Santana, and Aiden Thomas in Mrs. Witteny Williams' kindergarten class and Sadie Brickey, Tipton Standifer and Brianna Day in Mrs. Melissa Williams' kindergarten class have completed all kindergarten math Zearn activities. Rutledge Primary School teachers use the Zearn Digital Learning Tool as a way to support students with their math instruction. Zearn's high-quality instructional materials are used in elementary classrooms across the county and across the state providing educators with access to a digital library with lessons specifically designed to support math learning. Zearn was selected as the sole provider of high-quality math tutoring content for the TN All Corps, a nationally recognized tutoring model endorsed by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University, and will be provided by the Tennessee Department of Education at no cost through the conclusion of the 2023-2024 academic year. Through this program, students have access to a mix of hands-on, problem-solving materials and immersive digital learning, which aligns with the state math standards. These students have completed all 170 of the available kindergarten math lessons! Congratulations to these students and teachers for a job well-done!